The three reasons why it is wise to employ an experienced Interior Designer:

  1. An experienced designer will measure then create an appropriate floor plan for you.
  2. A designer will take you through the whole process of creating a stylish environment that fits your needs.
  3. You will have a finished and completed project that is coordinated and fits your lifestyle.

The three most common mistakes people make when they don't hire an experienced
Interior Designer:

  1. Scale – Often times, when purchasing items at a furniture showroom people will buy items too large for their space. For instance, the sectional that you just love but can only fit two of the four pieces in your family room.
  2. Color – People fail to create a pleasing color scheme and use that plan throughout the entire home.
  3. Not completing the whole room or whole home, including artwork, accessories, and pillows-which really gives you a finished look. Many times people stop after purchasing furniture or they just lose interest.